Better Best Forgotten – Chapter 09

Characters: MerlinxArthur…?

“And that is how the battle was won.” Arthur cried out to his people, in a field outside of the Camelot Castle. “Through valour, through honour, and through magic.”

At that word the crowd once again broke out into a murmur, as it had done every time Arthur mentioned it. He had told his people how the the knights of Camelot had stood against the magical forces of Kinsley and had been repeatedly repelled. He had told his people how their forces were being pushed back but continuing to fight in the face of certain defeat. He had told his people how then, in their bleakest hour, when the enemy lines were reforming and all hope was lost, there was Merlin.

In great detail Arthur recounted how the wizard, dressed in his normal servant clothing with his dirty brown jacket blowing in the wind, suddenly appeared in the centre of the battlefield. Raising his hand and barking a single word, Merlin – pulled – Kinsley from his tower overlooking the battle, and sent him crashing into the ground below. The death of their master sent the spectral beasts into a fury, and they charged the sorcerer, surrounding him fully. Merlin began a chant, appearing to hug himself tightly. For a moment all was still, save Merlin chanting. Suddenly, the wizard threw his hands out and sent forth a circle of flames that engulfed the creatures, their dying shrieks assaulting the ears of the knights who looked on in horror and confusion. Then, silence, until the cheers of the surviving men rose up and a new chant of ‘Merlin!’.

“Magic is a tool.” Arthur continued. “It is not good, nor is it evil. It is simply the extension of the will of the user, that can be used to do great things. I realise that now, and I hope you will be able to. Thus, from this day hence, magic will no longer be banned in Camelot. Those with magic who have hidden from the law in the past will be granted a full pardon, and have my sincerest apologies.”

“It is because of the actions of one man that magic may be practised freely in Camelot. The actions of Merlin, who had to keep his magic secret for so long, whilst using it to serve and protect his King, have ushered in a new chapter in our history.” To Arthur’s surprise, the crowd began to clap and cheer. Glancing at the wizard, Arthur could see Merlin was blushing.

“I have no gift in my power to adequately thank Merlin for what he has done for me, but I will give what I can. Merlin, step forward.”

Arthur had to force himself to not laugh at the confused expression on his servant’s face. Pushed forward by Percival, Merlin hesitantly made his way towards his king, tripping over his own feet slightly. The crowd laughed warmly, as they would at an old friend.

“Kneel, Merlin.” Arthur regally commanded, aware of the importance of a kingly appearance to the vast numbers of subjects gathered.

“Now -” Arthur spluttered as Merlin looked up at him from his kneeling position and winked at him.

In front of the kingdom! I’m tempted to cut his head off instead now.

Resisting temptation, Arthur knighted his servant.

“Arise, Sir Merlin!” Arthur called, drawing more applause and cheering from the crowd. A chant of ‘Merlin! Merlin’ broke out, and took a few minutes to die down. At first embarrassed  Merlin soon grew to enjoy the attention, even creating some magical fireworks from his hand, which only served to boost the chants further.

Finally Arthur raised his hand, and got the silence he was waiting for. After knighting a few more brave men, and awarding Gwaine land for the bravery heshowed in battle, Arthur finished his speech and mingled with his people, before pardoning himself and leaving to prepare for the banquet.


Merlin had spent the afternoon having a few drinks with Gaius in the tavern, telling him about the event of the past few weeks – although he left out the sex.  He was pretty sure Gaius didn’t want to hear it, and he didn’t want to tell him. Instead he made up something about Arthur catching him using magic, and being upset that Merlin has deceived him for so long. It was half-true, anyway.

Merlin felt like a changed man, reinvigorated. Telling Gaius (nearly) everything, being honest to his friend and mentor, removed the feeling of deceit that had haunted him for years. He no longer felt he was a fake, a fraud, worried that if his friends found out who he really was then they would abandon him.  After laughing about the whole situation, Merlin left to get ready for the evening’s banquet.

Upon returning to his new quarters, he found a royal knight’s uniform on his bed, and Queen Guinevere sitting an an armchair.

“I thought I should bring you this, Merlin. You will be expected to wear it tonight.”

Merlin was lost for words, and what became an awkward fluster grew into an awkward silence.

“Merlin, it’s ok. I understand. I’ve always understood. I want you to be happy. I want Arthur to be happy. And I want to be happy too.”

“I’m sorry, Gwen.” Merlin’s short reply sounded hollow and mechanical to his ears, but it brought a surprising smile to the Queen’s face.

“Don’t be. We can’t help who we fall in love with. All I know is that I was a serving girl before I met Arthur, and look at me now. Queen. I can never be ungrateful for that. I think I’ll use this as a new start, to do what I want to do.”

“What’s that?” Merlin asked, unable to not feel guilty about the situation the Queen found herself in.

“I want to help those less fortunate than myself. I used to see women beaten in some taverns for sport, or some sold as trinkets or toys. I want to stop that – and if the Queen can’t, who can? Yes, I loved Arthur, but the Arthur I loved wasn’t the real Arthur, and I’ve accepted that long ago.”

Something changed in the room, and Merlin saw Guinevere properly for the first time. She wasn’t someone to be pitied, but a strong, intelligent woman who wanted to help those who needed it.

Before Merlin could respond, Gwen had stood up and held her hand out to him. He kissed it, and she left him alone.


The banquet had passed quickly, with general merriment and celebrations. Merlin still couldn’t stop himself laughing at Arthur’s expression when he saw the wizard in his knight’s uniform. Clearly unprepared for the sight, Arthur picked up his goblet of wine just as the wizard was announced to enter. Attempting to appear nonchalant and disinterested in Merlin’s entrance, knowing it would annoy the wizard, he went to take a sip of wine. However, upon seeing Merlin he seemed to have forgotten all about this intention, and simply poured the liquid over his own crotch.

“Well, that’s not the first time Merlin’s given you a damp crotch, is it, sire?” Gwaine said to the King, unaware that the band had finished playing a song and the whole court heard his quip. The court broke out in laughter, as Gwaine turned a bright red.

Arthur, however, wasn’t bothered he was being laughed at, or even that his relationship with Merlin was becoming an open secret… all he cared about was how good Merlin lookedArthur waited patiently for Merlin to make his way to the King’s table, but as the banquet continued the new knight was being constantly caught in conversation with one courtier or another. In fact, by the time the banquet had finished Arthur still hadn’t spoken to the wizard. Instead, he caught Gwaine’s eye and left the feast quietly.


By his reckoning, Merlin had been listening to Sir Thomas for around fifteen minutes now, and was starting on his fourth glass of wine to get through the sheer torment of hearing about his statues. Each reason to be excused running through his mind was more extravagant than the previous, and each steadily less believable.  Finally, he settled on needing to go the toilet, annoyed that he’d not thought of such an excuse earlier. Merlin blamed the wine.

Finally free of Sir Thomas, Merlin scanned the room for Arthur, but the King was nowhere to be seen. His confusion was pushed aside by a sudden very real need to go the toilet. Merlin again blamed the wine. After relieving himself, Merlin made his way back to the feast determined to find Arthur. Before he could get back, however, he heard Gwaine call his name.

“Sir Merlin!” Gwaine teased, “what an honour to be in your presence! Everything seems to have worked out very well for you, hasn’t it?”

Gwaine’s taunting brought a smile to Merlin’s face.

“It has indeed.” Merlin replied, “but for every knight that rises, one must fall. You had best be wary, I may use my new influence to hurry your demise.”

“Oh Sir Wizard, I humbly beg your apology.” Gwaine continued, “if only there was a way I could make it up to you.”

Suddenly Merlin was wary. Where is this leading? 

“That will not be necessary, Gwaine.” Merlin replied, his good humour somewhat dented by the sudden turn of the conversation. Having just regained Arthur’s trust, Merlin had no intention of losing it again. Ever.

“Oh Sir Merlin”, Gwaine replied, adopting a sarcastic, over-dramatic sense of shock at which Merlin couldn’t but help to smile at, “banish those thoughts from your head. No, but I do have a present for you. Something to congratulate you for your dramatic return to court.”

Well, I don’t want to sleep with him, but I do want his presents. Merlin could get used to being a knight.

“But first, I must place this blindfold on you.” Gwaine continued, enjoying Merlin’s concerned look. “It’s meant to be a surprise, Merlin. Don’t you trust me?”

“No!” Merlin retorted, but he allowed Gwaine to restrict his sight and guide him through the castle. After five minutes, Merlin was well and truly lost, sure that Gwaine had doubled back on himself at least once. After what seemed like an eternity, Gwaine said he could remove the blindfold.

Merlin could not believe his eyes.

Standing in front of the wizard was Arthur, naked except for the crown on his head, and sporting a very royal erection. A wordless groan of approving surprise escaped Merlin’s lips. Just before Merlin threw himself on his king, Gwaine made his excuses to leave the King’s chamber.

“Enjoy your present, Sir Merlin.” Gwaine finished with a wink.

Catching Arthur’s eye, Merlin raised an eyebrow. Arthur understood his suggestion, smirked in return and slightly nodded his head.

“Where do you think you’re going Gwaine?” Arthur asked, in his most obnoxious regal tone.

“Well, sire, whilst you’re busy pleasuring your new knight, your Queen lies in a cold bed. I was going to warm her up.”

The incredulous look on Arthur’s face  somehow managed to make him all the more attractive to Merlin.

“You’ll pay for that Sir Gwaine.” Arthur retorted, “But I’ll let Merlin decide how.”

A slow smile spread across Gwaine’s face, as Merlin began to formulate a plan.

“Undress, Sir Gwaine.” Merlin began. “And you can undress me, Sire.”

Arthur wasted no time in ripping Merlin’s clothes off, with both subjects ending up naked at the same time. The King and wizard turned to face Sir Gwaine, who was clearly enjoying the sight.

“Get on your knees,” Merlin demanded, surprised at how quickly Gwaine was on the floor. Without even being asked he placed his hands on their arses and pushed their cocks towards his mouth, his wet warmth engulfing both heads at once. Twisting their chests towards one another, Arthur and Merlin began passionately kissing. The sensation of Gwaine’s mouth and their heads rubbing together was like ecstasy, it had been a long time since either had been pleasured. Merlin found his hands grabbing Arthur’s hair, pulling his head back and roughly kissing and biting Arthur’s neck. Arthur let out a moan of pleasure at being treated in such a way, and Merlin could even feel the King’s precum rubbing against his own dick, as Gwaine’s tongue worked around the two.

Pulling out of Gwaine’s mouth, Merlin turned and pushed Arthur towards the bed. The King landed on the edge of the bed, his body sprawled out, his cock gleaming with a mixture of Gwaine’s spit and his own juices. Merlin pushed the King again, so his back was now laid out on the bed, and his feet were on the floor, leaving his whole body arched, pushing his erect cock towards the ceiling. Merlin dropped to his knees and began working on the cock himself. Gwaine climbed over the King and dropped his own cock into Arthur’s mouth, thrusting slightly into the King’s mouth. Merlin had missed the taste of Arthur, and began working his tongue up and down Arthur’s shaft, taking his whole cock within his mouth. He felt a twinge of satisfaction when he heard a moan escape Arthur’s busy mouth.

Looking up, he saw the King’s muscular body stretched out on the bed, his hands gripping the bedsheets as his abs tensed to allow him to pleasure Gwaine. The sight of the King spread out like that drove Merlin insane with lust, his body aching to pleasure the King. He released Arthur’s  length from his mouth and climbed onto the bed too, holding the two back posters of the bed for support, and then lowered himself down onto Arthur’s cock.

Another surprised exclamation escaped Arthur’s lips as he unexpectedly entered Merlin’s tight entrance. Using leg muscles Merlin must have developed on the campaign trail, he provided the rhythm, slowly teasing Arthur with each downwards motion. This had the desired effect, with cries of ‘Merlin’, albeit muffled by Gwaine’s length. Turning round, Gwaine noticed the young wizard’s role-change.

“Well” he growled roughly, “this is hardly fair. Why is Merlin getting fucked and I’m left out?”

“I’m sure we can find a solution.” Arthur groaned, signalling for Merlin to come to him. Merlin twisted around – with Arthur’s full length within him – causing another aroused cry, and was pushed back onto the King by Gwaine. Now it was Merlin’s cock being offered up, and Gwaine took up Merlin’s position, his muscles tensed as he took it all. The dark-haired knight began to pleasure Merlin with his own hole, the sensation of fucking Gwaine and the feeling of having Arthur in him driving the wizard crazy.

Sprawled out over Arthur, Merlin felt the King’s hands wander over his body, first down to the base of his cock, then onto Gwaine’s arse and feeling the muscles in the knight’s legs. Watching Arthur feel another man made Merlin even more aroused, and he began to thrust into Gwaine, simultaneously pleasuring his King. Arthur’s hands had returned to Merlin’s body, running up his lean torso to his hair, with Arthur repeating Merlin’s move of pulling his head back and roughly kissing the wizard’s neck. The pleasure began to swell up in Merlin, who started thrusting heavily into Gwaine and onto Arthur, and their cries mixed together to create a sound of pure arousal. Watching Gwaine, with his eyes closed, Merlin reached over and began wanking the knight off. Arthur’s hands were roaming his body once again, his touch leaving a trail of arousal blazing in his mind. Arthur’s hands were back around the base of Merlin’s cock, pushing the wizard’s hips down onto his dick, forcing the whole length in further than Merlin had ever taken it before.

Merlin could feel his need to release building up within him, and feeling Arthur kissing and biting his ear was too much to take. He began to pump Gwaine’s cock harder, and increase the speed of his hip movements.
“Merlin, I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.” Gwaine moaned breathlessly.
“That’s the point.” Merlin replied, a cheeky smile on his face which was quickly wiped out by the sexual pleasure he was experiencing.
“I’m not close yet, Merlin.” Arthur whispered in his ear, the sound bringing the wizard even closer to orgasm. Merlin responded silently by clenching his entrance tighter, and was rewarded with a moan of ‘better’.
Merlin continued to move his hips, his rhythm in sync with Arthur and Gwaine, the three increasing their speed and intensity. Gwaine’s moans became loader, almost shouting with pleasure, whilst Arthur was repeating  ‘fuck yes’ at what seemed like the top of his lungs. Merlin’s moans were quieter, the sheer intensity of the sensations he felt controlling his body.
“I’m going to cum!” Merlin cried, followed by the release of sexual energy as he blew into Gwaine’s hole, continuing to thrust to fully empty himself.  Feeling the wizard unload in him, Gwaine was pushed over the edge and shot all over Merlin’s chest and Arthur’s hands. Arthur gripped Merlin tightly and pushed himself up in one powerful, deep move that pushed the King into orgasm, letting out a roar as he burst into Merlin. Gwaine collapsed on the bed next to Arthur, as Merlin slipped between the two.

The three lay there for a few minute, a sweaty, grunting mess, covered in their own seed. Then, Gwaine stood up.

“That was… good.” He smiled at the couple left on the bed, as he began to put his clothes back on. “Let me know if you want a repeat run.” With a wink, Gwaine was gone.

A long, comfortable silence engulfed the couple, as they lay there in each other’s arms, finally able to be true about how they felt.

Merlin had felt nothing like this level of contentedness before. He was, quite simply, happy. There was just one thing left on his mind.

“Arthur, I just wanted to say I’m really sorry about -”

“It’s ok Merlin.” Arthur cut in, with no hint of anything other than kindness and warmth in his voice. He then kissed Merlin on the lips, a deep, romantic kiss that made Merlin forget where he was.

“We’ve got a new start Merlin, from today. Everything else is just better best forgotten.”


The end.

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