Better Best Forgotten? – Chapter 04

Characters: Merlin/Arthur.

Merlin committed a crime and now Arthur has to punish him.

Merlin watched as Arthur walked towards him, picking up the various lengths of rope that lay coiled together near the entrance to the door. A cocktail of emotions pushed hunger from the forefront of the young wizard’s mind – the edge to Arthur’s voice left him genuinely scared, yet the fear was tinged with the arousal Merlin always felt when he looked at his master. Watching the King walk towards him taking long, powerful strides, Merlin couldn’t help to think back to the previous night.

Would I do it again, if I had the chance? Probably.

“I said, good afternoon Merlin. Where are your manners?” Arthur sneered, learning against the portcullis that caged the wizard.

“Good afternoon, Arthur.” Merlin replied, lowering his gaze to stare at his crossed legs, his voice void of emotion. Arthur let out an empty laugh.

“That’s not quite good enough, Merlin. Where’s your energy gone?”

Merlin remained silent.

“You will not ignore me Merlin. Surely you can stand to bow to your king.”

Another silence.

“Oh, how silly of me. You obviously used up all your energy last night.” The rotting magic that soaked the walls of the chamber gave off a buzz that was felt rather than heard, a continuing presence lurking in the back of the mind. Yet the anger that Arthur infused into his last sentence cleared Merlin’s head of the feeling and left him mentally stunned.

Why am I surprised? Of course he hates me. Of course he will never forgive me. As that realisation dawned on the wizard, his attitude darkened. If he will never forgive me, why should I ask? If he doesn’t see me as his friend, then why should I see him as mine?

Suddenly realising what he was thinking, Merlin regained control of his mind. The walls. The magic. Those guards were right, this place is dangerous.

Looking up at Arthur, Merlin realised that the King was in trouble. If the evil magic managed to gain control for just a few seconds, Merlin was sure it would use him to destroy Arthur.

“Arthur, you have to leave. You’re in danger. The wa-“

“I’m in danger?” Arthur retorted. “Well, thank you for your concern. Perhaps that snippet of information would have come in handy before you drugged and bedded me. Of course I’m in danger, Merlin, because you’re a fucking wizard, and you’re fucking mental.”

“No, Arthur, I mean -“

“Oh, so you’re not a wizard?” Arthur mockingly replied. “Then I guess Gwaine can fly. Although, he should probably practice his landing, and stop showing off in corridors.”

“Arthur, listen to me, I’m -“

“I have listened to you, Merlin. I was forced to, when your magic stole my body from me. I’ve listened to you threaten me with your magic when you knew I couldn’t fight back. I’ve listened to you moaning with pleasure as you rode me against my will. I’ve even listened to you say you love me whilst you thought I was asleep. I’m pretty fucking sick of listening to you, Merlin.”

In the silence following Arthur’s rant, the King made his way to the metal door that formed part of the portcullis and opened it with a key he pulled from his trouser pocket. Stepping into Merlin’s prison, Arthur locked the door behind him.

“Nowhere to run Merlin.” Arthur stood over the slumped wizard, unafraid, with the coiled ropes still in his hand.

“Please, Arthur…” Merlin begged, unable to fight the festering magic that had lay dormant for so long in Portcullis Nook. He could feel it winning control of his body, clouding his judgement and twisting his emotions. Now that Arthur had joined him in the cell, the magic was desperate for a host.

“Yes Merlin, please! Finally, you get it – you do not make demands of me. You do not make demands of anyone.”

The magic was winning control of Merlin’s mind.

“You are nothing more than a servant. Were, nothing. Now, you have sunk even lower. You are a prisoner, scum, lower then the pigs. You will never make demands of me again.”

Merlin was pouring every inch of his strength into fighting the blight that threatened to engulf him, Arthur’s words nothing more than an unwanted distraction.

“Do you hear me Merlin? I am Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot. You are nothing.”

Merlin lost his battle. Nothing more than a bystander to his own actions, the magic took full control of his body.

“Be quiet, little boy.” Merlin’s voice boomed, seemingly coming from the walls rather than Merlin’s mouth. “You titles are nothing compared to my magic.”

“Your magic?” Arthur laughed, oblivious to the danger he was in. “Your magic isn’t powerful, isn’t brave. It’s sneaky. It’s cowardly.”

Run, you proud fool! Merlin screamed within his own mind, willing his mouth to release his cries. In one last desperate attempt to regain control of himself, Merlin poured all his power into breaking the blight. His magic was twisted back at him, piercing through his mind tenfold like a hot knife through butter. Mentally broken Merlin realised the magic had won control and the wizard quietly gave up. Goodbye, Arthur. I’m sorry. I truly am.

“Arthur Pendragon” Merlin’s voice mocked, “how a kingdom has misjudged your stupidity for bravery. You will die here. Your kingdom will crumble and your line will be forgotten.”

“I will not be threatened in my own castle, Merlin. I have come to punish you, in accordance with your crimes.”

Brave to very the end.

Merlin let out a low laugh. “I will kill you now Arthur.” The wizard’s body pointed its left hand towards Arthur, which began to glow bright red with magical energy. “Be grateful it will be quickly. Not through mercy, but indifference”

Merlin’s eyes flashed a deep black as the magic was released from his hand, directly at Arthur’s chest. Almost as if in slow motion Merlin watched the bolt of fire fly toward Arthur, unable to close his eyes to hide the horror of his death, then simply fizzle out as it stuck the King’s chest.

Merlin’s magic sent another bolt at the King, and another, pouring more and more magic into the attacks. Each were met with the same effect.

Slowly closing the distance towards Merlin, Arthur looked at the wizard with a cool detachment. “Like I said, Merlin, I will not be threatened in my own castle. I am the King, and I am the law. Your crime will be punished as I see fit.”

Suddenly, Merlin could feel the magic attempt to break free of his own body and seep back into the walls. This magic, this thing… it’s alive, it’s scared. In some way, it’s alive. Merlin realised, horrified. And if it’s alive, it can probably feel pain. With that thought in his head, Merlin mentally engulfed the magic – the thing – within his own consciousness, trapping it within his body. If I’m going to be punished, I want this to take some of the pain. The struggle left Merlin unable to talk, out of fear of losing concentration and letting the evil magic flee his body.

Now fully in control, Arthur stood directly in front of Merlin, once again towering over the wizard. He grabbed Merlin by his dirty brown jacket and lifted him up, holding him against the wall. His face less than an inch away from his prisoner, Arthur looked straight into the wizard’s eyes, obvious to the dual consciousness that inhabited the body.

“An eye for an eye, eh Merlin? That seems fair. You took all control away from me, so I’m going to do the same to you. The difference is, you wanted me – you still want me, you still love me. I don’t. I hate you, I despise you, I don’t care if you die. In fact, I don’t care if I’m the one to kill you. So remember that, when I’m destroying you Merlin. Remember, that if I want to, I can kill you – and I wouldn’t shed a single tear.”

Despite the attention required in the struggle over his body, Merlin was utterly broken by Arthur’s words. For the past six years Merlin had loved Arthur, ready to die for him on countless occasions and sacrificing more than Arthur would ever know. Merlin had no doubt that he was telling the truth, and that hurt more than anything he’d ever gone through to protect the King.

“I want you to know Merlin, and I want you to remember – you can never have me the way you want me. I will never love you.”

Merlin looked into the King’s eyes, and suddenly he felt heartbroken. Realising what was going to happen, a single tear ran down his cheek. This is going to be everything I ever wanted, everything I ever fantasied about – Arthur Pendragon will fuck me, he will kiss me, he might even hold me. But he won’t want me, he doesn’t love me.

Merlin tried his hardest not to sob at the cruel nature of his punishment.

He’s going to break my heart.

“Yes, you realise it now.” Arthur smiled coldly, watching a tear run down the wizard’s cheek. “What you did to me was so intimate, so personal, so irreversible – how could the punishment be anything else? Now, enough talking.”

Arthur released his hold on Merlin and let him drop to the floor. Then, grabbing the clothing on the wizard’s right shoulder Merlin was pushed against the portcullis and lifted up slightly so Arthur was looking directly at the back of the wizard’s head. Arthur then pushed his chest against Merlin’s back, keeping the wizard in place with his own weight. Using his free hands to untangle the rope, he moved his mouth to the younger man’s right ear and breathed deeply.

“What do you feel Merlin, when my body is pressed against yours?” Arthur whispered loudly, feeling Merlin’s body shiver with arousal. The wizard, however, didn’t answer.

“I asked you a question Merlin, what do you feel?”

“Is that the hilt of your sword, Arthur, or are you enjoying this as much as I am?” Merlin replied, leaning his head back so his lips nearly brushed Arthur’s.

“Oh Merlin,” Arthur replied, moving his head further towards Merlin and letting their lips brush as he spoke, “believe me, the very idea of being with you fills me with disgust.”

Merlin let out an unconvincing laugh, a poor attempt to hide the pain that Arthur’s words caused. Arthur had managed to untangle the rope, and cut Merlin’s laugh short by pressing his right wrist against a metal column in the centre of the portcullis. Holding Merlin’s wrist in place with his own hand, Arthur skilfully used his left hand to weave one of the strands of rope around the column and wrist, securing it with a double knot. Satisfied that the rope was tight enough, Arthur repeated the process on the other wrist.

“Bondage, Arthur? I didn’t know you had it in you.” Merlin tried to joke. The arousal he felt was already building quickly, threatening to distract him from the mental battle he was still fighting. For now, he had control over the blighted magic that had almost killed his king, but Merlin could not tell how long he could hold the advantage for.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, Merlin. You don’t know how much I hate you, how much you disgust me. Your very being, your magic, your lies – you. You repulse me.”

Oh, I think I’m getting a clue now though. Merlin couldn’t keep the facade up any longer, any hope of infuriating Arthur into giving up was bound to fail, and would only increase the King’s hatred of him. He resigned himself to his fate and the dark, painful feeling that had swallowed his heart.

Arthur had moved on to tying Merlin’s ankles to the metal, a task quickly finished. Now, Merlin was sprawled out across the portcullis, his wrists away from his body and just above his head, whilst his legs were parted just wider than shoulder width. Whilst his arms were extended fully, there was a slight give in Merlin’s legs which allowed him to rest his feet on a metal bar running horizontally across the portcullis. This posture made Merlin’s legs bend slightly at the knee, forcing his arse out towards the king.

Arthur looked over Merlin, admiring his handiwork.

“Presenting yourself to me? I suppose you’re used to that, aren’t you? You’re probably quite the little tavern whore.”

Merlin couldn’t even respond to that, the idea of sharing his body with anyone other than Arthur was repugnant to him.

“Ah, but something is wrong.” Arthur continued, seemingly oblivious to Merlin’s sniffling. “You’re still dressed. I suppose you’re not used to keeping your clothes on for so long. Let me help.” Arthur drew his sword and slipped it up Merlin’s top, slowly and deliberately, until the tip rested against the wizard’s neck.

“I would have run this through you earlier, wizard, if I knew what you really were.”

He can’t even say my name now.

With one quick movement, Arthur twisted the sword and brought it towards himself, cutting open the wizards shirt and jacket and leaving Merlin’s back exposed. Then, in two more quick movements, Arthur’s sword cut open both of the sleeves, allowing the clothes to drop to the floor beneath him. Merlin shivered when the chill of the room assaulted his body, nearly losing control of the rebellious magic trapped in his mind. Arthur once again pushed himself towards Merlin, wrapping his arms around the wizard’s body and running his hands over his chest.

“Is this how you imagined me touching you, wizard? In those cold, lonely nights, was this what it was like?” Arthur began to play with Merlin’s nipples, already erect due to the chill. “Oh, I suppose you would have assumed I would be saying ‘I love you’, or ‘never leave me’.” Arthur began to lower his hands towards Merlin’s crotch, slowly and deliberately pushing them against the wizard’s body, forcing him to respond to the pressure and push his arse against Arthur.

“Straighten up!” Arthur roared, thrusting his crotch against Merlin’s arse, causing the wizard’s legs to bend slightly. He then lowered his hand into Merlin’s pants and wrapped his fingers around Merlin’s hard, throbbing cock. With one, then two, tugs, Arthur could feel Merlin’s precum lubricate his head and rub onto Arthur’s hand.

“Hm, boy, you’re really too easy. It’s pathetic, how easy you are to arouse. But I could stand here all day and still not feel a thing.” Then, Arthur released Merlin’s shaft and grabbed the top of his pants. In one rough motion, he ripped them off the wizard, leaving him spread out against the portcullis naked, his erect length pushing through one of the square gaps.

Arthur stepped away from the wizard and made his way to the gate. Taking the keys out from his pocket, he opened the door and walked over to look at Merlin through the bars. Standing close enough for Merlin’s throbbing cock to be pressed against the King’s crotch, Arthur looked into his eyes.

“I want you to watch me. I want you to see what you will never have.”

Merlin wanted desperately to refuse the King, refuse Arthur, but he couldn’t. He simply did not have the self control. I want to see this, so badly.

Taking three steps back from his prisoner, but always maintaining eye contact, King Arthur began to strip. He begun by removing the two leather shoes he wore around the castle and tossed them to his right, letting them hit the wall and drop to the ground. He repeated this with his socks too, and then removed his thick jacket, which joined the growing pile of clothes. Following this was the light cotton shirt he wore around the castle, which he pulled up from his waist to reveal his perfectly toned stomach, then slowly higher to show Merlin his pecs. For the first time eye contact was broken as the shirt was slowly lifted over his face, teasing the wizard as he watched the various muscles dance across Arthur’s body. The shirt was carelessly tossed to the right.

Standing there in his leather trousers, Merlin could not help but notice the strong ‘v’ shape that led so promisingly towards Arthur’s cock. Almost desperate for Arthur to take his pants off, a weak murmur escaped his lips. Arthur laughed at him, cold and sarcastic.

“You’re pathetic.”

Arthur unbuttoned the three buttons on his pants as slowly as he took off his shirt. Each seemed to Merlin to take an eternity, allowing the wizard to fantasise about what might escape when the deed was finished. His mind pictured Arthur’s glorious cock from the night before, and Merlin wondered what it would mean if Arthur was already erect.

I’m sure last night, there were things he did that I didn’t make him do. That he must have done because he wanted to.

Eventually Arthur’s trousers were open, and Merlin was disappointed to see nothing burst out. He realised he was foolish to believe that Arthur was doing this because he wanted Merlin. I guess he really does want to tease me, to hurt me.

Arthur let his pants fall slowly to his feet, then stepped out of them – never breaking eye contact with the wizard. Underneath his trousers he wore black boxers, that Merlin thought contrasted brilliantly with his golden skin.

“Am I everything you ever wanted, wizard?” Arthur asked, sure of the answer but relishing the humiliation admittance would cause his prisoner.

Merlin remained silent, staring at his King openly.

“Am I?” Arthur repeated, an edge in his voice that demanded an answer.

Merlin sighed, knowing he would have to answer. His cock was already twitching in reply.


“Yes?” Arthur repeated, in that familiar tone he used when Merlin became too familiar.

“Yes, my King.”

“That’s right, Merlin. I am everything you ever wanted, and you disgust me. You are nothing to me.”

Arthur had used those words so much now that Merlin had resigned himself to their appropriateness. He couldn’t pretend it was otherwise, he would be convincing no-one.

Not waiting for a reply, Arthur slipped his hands down his boxers, cupping his cock and balls in his hands, hidden behind the black fabric. He then ran his hands round to the edge of his arse. Turning around slightly so Merlin could see, he revealed his perfectly rounded bum. Turning fully, so his back was to the wizard, he allowed his boxers to hit the floor and kicked them alongside the rest of his clothes.

He stepped backwards to close the distance between himself and the wizard, until he could feel the head of Merlin’s cock press lightly against his left cheek. Merlin let out another sigh as he pushed himself towards Arthur, ignoring the cold metal on his skin.

“Do you want to fuck me again, wizard?” Arthur asked, as he circled his hips to make his arse rub Merlin’s cock. Merlin let out another moan as his foreskin was pushed over his head again by the friction of the contact. The stimulation created a new load of precum, that was smearing the King’s cheeks.

“Do you want to fuck me again?” Arthur repeated.

“Yes. Fuck yes.” Merlin replied, unable to control himself, and began thrusting lightly into the cheeks, rubbing precum on Arthur’s hole. Arthur allowed this, and even pushed against Merlin’s cock to open himself up slightly. Merlin thrust harder, pleasure flowing through his body.

Arthur backed away abruptly. Turning to look at Merlin, he laughed.

“Do you honestly think, wizard, I would let you?” Arthur paused waiting for Merlin to recover from the sensations he had caused. “Look at you, you’re pale, scrawny and weak. I could have my choice of any knight in Camelot, did you ever believe I would choose you?”

Arthur’s sneer tore through Merlin, addressing his deepest insecurities. Merlin has always known he wasn’t built like a knight, that he didn’t have the muscles or the strength Sir Gwaine, Sir Leon or Sir Percival had, but he’d told himself that Arthur would love him for who he was. Now, in just a few words Arthur had extinguished any hope Merlin had that he could have won Arthur’s heart. Looking at him, stood proudly like a golden statue of a god on Earth, Merlin realised the King was just too perfect to ever settle for a man like Merlin.

It’s almost as if he knew exactly what to say. Merlin sighed inwardly, momentarily dropping his guard and letting a weak slither of magic escape. The bitterness hit him instantly.

“If that’s true, Pendragon, then why are you nursing a pretty hard semi?” As soon as the words were out, Merlin regained control of the blight. He was expecting Arthur’s retaliation to be swift and brutal, but instead the King laughed.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Merlin, it’s not because of you. I was just thinking back to this morning. After you left my chambers, Sir Gwaine paid me a visit. He made one of his jokes and I judged him to have gone too far, so I made him kneel down and blow me.” Merlin was stunned at what Arthur was admitting – perhaps there was hope for him after all, if Arthur was that way inclined. “You see, wizard, unlike you, Sir Gwaine is a real man. He is strong, he is tough – all qualities you lack – but most of all, I let him do it. He didn’t have to ask me, nor force me. I wanted him to do it.”

Arthur let his words hang in the air, as Merlin felt tears sting his eyes.

“I wanted him to do it Merlin. I will never want you to.” As if to prove his point, Arthur’s cock began to rise from its semi-erect state to it’s full length, his perfect head slightly moist due to the arousal caused by his own description of the morning’s encounter.

So, that was it. Merlin was broken. Gone was any hope that the King enjoyed this punishment, that the wanted to fuck Merlin, that he had the same fantasies the he did. No, I’ll never be good enough for him. Resigned to his fate, Merlin concentrated on the battle inside his mind.

“But now, for your punishment.” Arthur said, as he strode back into the prison.

What more could there possibly be?

Once again facing the back of Merlin’s head, Arthur pushed his naked body against the wizard. His cock was on the same level as Merlin’s arse, pressed in between his cheeks. Arthur thrust twice, rubbing precum over the wizard as his cock bushed over Merlin’s hole. When a light rhythm was established, Arthur’s hands roamed Merlin’s body, tightly hugging the wizard and bringing him into the thrusting. Merlin’s cock was fully erect now, throbbing with ecstasy without being touched. A slight breeze blew into the prison, and the cool air on his wet, sensitive head made him throw back his head and moan loudly.

Taking Merlin’s exposed neck as a signal, Arthur began to lightly kiss the wizard’s collarbone, sucking enough on his pale white skin and leaving red marks. He worked his way up to the jaw, his kisses more passionate as his thrusts became quicker. Merlin felt powerless with his body tied between to the portcullis, with no choice but to fully surrender himself to Arthur.

Arthur’s left hand worked its way up Merlin’s torso, across his face and into the wizard’s hair, his fingers rubbing Merlin’s scalp which sent ripples of pleasure through the wizard. When the rush almost got too much and Merlin tried to cover his neck, Arthur grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, increasing his assault on the wizard’s neck with his mouth. Arthur’s other hand began to slide down Merlin, dancing around the erect length, teasing Merlin until he begged.

“Please,” he gasped, “I’m… so… hard…”.

Arthur responded by running his finger up Merlin’s shaft and began circling his head, tormenting the younger man with a teasing pleasure he never knew could exist. Merlin’s body spasmed and he thrust his hips backwards to escape Arthur’s finger, only serving to increase the pressure exerted by Arthur’s cock against Merlin’s entrance. Arthur responded by wrapping his fingers around Merlin’s wand and pulling his whole body outwards, then followed by a thrust so the servant was pushed against the metal bars.

Arthur continued to kiss Merlin’s neck, then pushed his head downwards so his lips were on Merlin’s ear.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Merlin?”

He’s using my name again! Merlin cheered. Perhaps he’s enjoying himself too much to pretend he hates me. Perhaps this is as hot for him as it is for me. Was the punishment a pretence?

“Yes, Arthur. Fuck me.” Merlin panted, his body screaming for the touch of his king, his king who might actually love him after all.

Arthur grunted his reply, and spat on his own dick. Pressing it against Merlin’s arse, he used his fingers to rub the liquids in and around Merlin’s hole and prised him open with a few fingers. The way Arthur had tied Merlin up meant that the wizard was naturally spread open, and the amount of times Merlin had entered himself had made him slightly looser than Arthur would have thought. Satisfied with his work, Arthur grabbed the metal columns above Merlin’s bound wrist. Then, finding two suitable rests for his feel just below Merlin’s ankles Arthur lifted himself up. Now he was hanging from the portcullis, his body spooning Merlin’s comfortably.

This is no punishment, Arthur, this is everything I ever wanted. You too, it seems. You’ve forgotten your own charade.

Arthur let go of the portcullis with his right hand, swinging slightly, and used it to position his cock against Merlin’s hole. Merlin arched himself slightly in anticipation, pushing himself onto Arthur’s head. Grabbing onto the portcullis again, Arthur forced himself into Merlin.

A mixture of pain and pleasure shot threw the wizard as Arthur began to thrust rhythmically. Soon the pain disappeared, with each thrust already bringing Merlin closer to orgasm. Arthur began to kiss Merlin’s neck again, light moans escaping his mouth. The sensation of Arthur’s skin against Merlin’s arms, neck, back, legs and arse, the smell of his body filling his nostrils, the sweat mingling between the two created a moment so magical for Merlin that the blight in his head subsided and sheer ecstasy enveloped him.

We’re making love, not having sex.

Arthur’s moans began to form coherent words that the wizard didn’t notice at first, lost as he was in his own arousal. Each sense was bringing a unique type of arousal to Merlin; The sound of Arthur’s voice, rather than the words he was saying, purred into his ears; The glimpses of Arthur’s head as he kissed his neck; the smell of Arthur’s scent and sweat filling up his nostrils; and the feel of Arthur’s skin on his body and his cock inside him. All that was left was taste. Daringly, Merlin rolled his head towards Arthur so their noses touched. Tentatively, the wizard leaned in slightly and brushed his lips against Arthur’s in a light kiss, then slowly moved away, waiting for a response. Arthur’s response was rapid and powerful. Moving his head towards Merlin’s, their lips touched again in an exchange of furious kissing, almost cannibalistic. The taste of Arthur was exhilarating, each kiss an expression of the lust the two felt for each other. Arthur was still groaning incoherent words into Merlin’s mouth as they kissed.

He wants this. He wants me. He must love me, it’s obvious!

On that simple realisation, Merlin’s body cried out for Arthur. For every touch, every thrust, Merlin wanted more. He began to move himself in rhythm with Arthur’s thrusts, knowing that his effort was appreciated as Arthur let out a muffled cry. Wanting to hear his moans clearly, Merlin broke the kiss.

“You like that Arthur?” Merlin asked breathless.

“Oh yes, god oh yes!” Arthur breathed into his ear. “Oh, Gwaine!”

Merlin’s world crumbled. As Arthur kept thrusting, holding himself up on the portcullis and pushing his cock deeper and deeper into Merlin, he began to cry out for Gwaine.

“Gwaine, you like it? Do you want me to keep fucking you?”

Merlin began to cry as the horror of the situation hit him. Was I really foolish enough to believe that Arthur loved me? Arthur broke my heart, then fixed it in a beat… only to break it all over again. Merlin’s sobs echoed around the prison, joining the symphony of Arthur’s moans of “Gwaine!” and the slapping of his body against Merlin’s arse. Merlin began to struggle in an attempt to undo the knots in the ropes.

“Oh Gwaine, I want you so bad. You’re so fucking tight.” Arthur continued, whispering down Merlin’s ear, ignoring the struggle beneath him.

“You like it deep in there Gwaine? Do you?” Arthur’s moans grew louder and louder as he got closer to cumming, in time with his deepening thrusts.

“Gwaine! Gwaine! You want me to shoot in you? Oh yeah, Gwaine, give it to me. Gwaine, I love you! I fucking love you!”

At those words a blind rage flew through Merlin and he gave into the dark magic in his mind. It began to fire all manner of spells against Arthur, to no avail. He continued to pound Merlin’s ass, screaming Gwaine’s name as he did so. After a few minutes, Merlin gave up and locked the magic back in his head. Once again defeated, Merlin resigned himself to his heartbreak.

“Scream your name!” Arthur commanded.

Merlin remained silent, lest his sobs became audible.

“Scream your name!” Arthur repeated, the familiar edge in his voice that said this was not a command to ignore.

“MERLIN!” Merlin screamed, his voice louder than anticipated as Arthur repositioned himself, hitting Merlin’s prostate.

“Scream your name, Gwaine!” Arthur repeated, a ferocious smile in his voice.

The humiliation.

“Gwaine.” Merlin replied, bitterly.


“GWAINE!” Merlin hated himself for it, but he was getting quite close to orgasm.

So, now my heart’s broken and I’m humiliated by the man I love. But why do I enjoy it? I really am that pathetic, that desperate for Arthur? I’m a fucking mess. Merlin realised that Arthur had achieved his trio of punishments – he lost his love, his dignity and his self-respect.

Yes even that realisation didn’t stop Merlin from pushing himself harder and harder onto Arthur’s cock. Sweat was running down Arthur as his muscles bulged from the effort required to keep himself held up. His golden tan contrasted perfectly with Merlin’s pale skin, which Merlin once again noticed as the King brought his hand down to his prisoner’s cock.

“I’m getting close Gwaine, I’m gonna cum in you.” Arthur moaned, obviously on the edge.

As Arthur’s thrusts began to increase in power and speed, he started to wank Merlin off, his hand lubricated by the precum.

“Gwaine, are you close?” There was no edge in Arthur’s voice, only the desire to cum.

“Yes, Arthur, I’m close.” Merlin replied, hating himself and yet needing release.

“I’m gonna blow Gwaine, I’m so close.” Arthur panted, banging furiously against Merlin’s prostate. The wizard cried out in pleasure, forgetting about the blight in his mind, focusing solely on the sensations of orgasm. Arthur, perhaps remembering the previous night, took his hand off Merlin’s cock and grabbed on to the portcullis, using the extra stability to allow him to go deeper inside the wizard. As his cock pounded Merlin Arthur could feel his own begin to throb uncontrollably, but before he could mention it, Merlin interrupted.

“I’m cumming Arthur, I’m cumming. One more thrust.” Arthur obliged the wizard, and rolled his hips into one perfect, deep thrust that sent him over the edge.

“I’m fucking cumming Merlin!” Arthur cried as he erupted into Merlin’s arse, continuing to thrust into the wizard as he shot heavy loads.

The mention of his name by Arthur was too much for Merlin to bare.

“Arthur!” Merlin cried as he shot his cum through the portcullis and onto the chamber floor, Arthur’s thrust slowing down to a stop.

As the energy of orgasm left Merlin, the magic broke out of his mind. The force of it sent Arthur flying out of Merlin, hitting the wall behind them, as the cloud of energy took a semi human form. It pointed at Arthur and rushed towards him, a terrible murderous howl filling the chamber. Once again, the magic was negated by Gaius’s potion and dissipated.

“Fear, Pendragon, fear. Revenge will be ours!” The voice boomed from the wall, as the cloud reformed in the centre of the room. “We will find your weakness, we will kill you. You coward, hiding behind your servant-wizard for protection. Oh how he fought for you, but we are powerful! We will kill you, Pendragon, for your family’s crimes. Revenge! Destroy! Burn!”

The cloud began to take human shape again, when a blast of golden light shot from the body of Merlin and pierced the corporeal figure, creating another explosion which burnt through Merlin’s ropes and threw him to the ground.

Then, silence.

Arthur stood up, his penis soft but damp with cum, his naked body now cold in the evening chill. He walked over to Merlin and looked at the pitiful form of his prisoner, the King’s seed dripping from his arse and mingling with the sweat and dirt, his body cut from his fall. A torrent of emotions hit him as Merlin opened his eyes slightly and gazed at Arthur. It wasn’t hatred in the young wizard’s eyes, like Arthur expected, but regret.

“I’m sorry, Arthur. I couldn’t beat it… I tried… I tried so…” He faded into unconsciousness.

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