Better Best Forgotten? – Chapter 02

Characters: Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Gwaine.

The morning after. There is a surprise in store for Sir Gwaine and Merlin discovers some uncomfortable truths.

The morning sun shining through Arthur’s uncovered windows woke Merlin up, a stark contrast to the banging of Gaius’s broom handle against his door that usually jarred the wizard awake. For a brief few seconds Merlin had forgotten about the previous night and looked on in amazement at the King’s body, the top half of which was exposed and seemed to shine in the sunlight. Remembering suddenly what Merlin had subjected Arthur to, a rush of guilt shot through his conscience.

Arthur will never remember what happened. Merlin said to himself, repeating the argument he had told himself countless times before when he was developing his plan. In fact, he was so good he’d probably want to remember – just to have another thing to brag about.

Merlin knew he had to move and that the clever thing to do would be to quickly administer the potion, wipe Arthur down and then leave his chambers only to show up a few hours later. However, he couldn’t seem to drag himself away from his master. Arthur’s arm was curled around Merlin, allowing him to rest his head on the prince’s shoulder. For the first time since Merlin realised he was a wizard all those years ago, he felt truly safe. All it took was Arthur’s arm wrapped around him to make him feel like nothing or nobody could harm him, that the world’s ills would pass him by, that he could never feel anything other than this blazing happiness. Merlin could smell the royal skin and spent a few seconds appreciating the simple pleasure the scent gave him, before he realised that he was once again rock hard.

No, once was enough. He scolded himself. He felt like he’d already betrayed his King enough for a lifetime. I justified last night, I’d planned it so carefully and I deserved it. To do it again would be a dangerous decision, a precedent allowing me to take the King whenever I wanted him… and the chances of me getting caught would rise with every occurrence. It’s not worth it. 

Merlin had managed to convince himself to leave Arthur’s bed when his eyes caught sight of the bulge in the duvet. Succumbing to temptation, Merlin slowly lifted the sheet and was greeted with Arthur’s fully erect length, standing tall in the sunlight. Forgetting his previous arguments against further action, he took it all in his mouth and began to circle Arthur’s head with his tongue, building up speed as Arthur once again began to leak precum.

I wonder if I can make him shoot without waking him… Merlin pondered to himself, the idea seeming strangely arousing. After a few minutes of working Arthur’s perfect cock, a slight moan escaped the prince’s lips. The bastard, has he been awake all this time? I didn’t expect my magic to still be working so well by the morning. Worried slightly, Merlin began to feel for the spell he’d cast and realised that it had indeed worn out. Arthur’s just asleep, he could wake at any moment and I’d be here sucking his dick. How could I ever explain that?


Loathed to stop pleasuring Arthur – especially when he’s enjoying it so much… and naturally, as well – Merlin slowly freed the royal cock from his own mouth and gazed at him sprawled out over his bed, in many ways the perfect man.

A bitter laugh escaped Merlin’s lips. The only way I can be with him is against his will. If I really was his friend, would I have done that to him? A few quick spells cleaned Arthur up, as Merlin found the all-important potion that would signify the end of his plan. Merlin quickly dressed himself, suddenly paranoid that Arthur would wake and raise the alarm before Merlin could silence him, or a guard would burst in, or worse – Gwen.

After emptying the small vial into Arthur’s mouth and making sure he swallowed it all, the wizard took the rare opportunity to look at his face without having to turn away quickly. The now familiar warm feeling that Merlin had so often tried to squash was now allowed to flow through him. Pride, lust, respect, need, admiration, a desire to protect, an overwhelming urge to please all mixed together to form a compelling torrent of emotion that washed over Merlin, more powerful now than ever before. Raising his hand to his mouth, Merlin realised Arthur’s scent lingered strongly on his clothes from when the prince’s body was pressed against his. Arthur’s smell was the final trigger allowing the wizard to finally understand what he had really known for years.

I love you, Arthur.

The thought that Arthur would never remember something that was so special to Merlin broke his heart, tearing his insides to pieces. The one time that they would ever connected in the most intimate way possible would mean nothing to the prince, with the very idea probably filling him with disgust and rage, instantly breaking a six year friendship. This simple soul destroying truth was too much for Merlin, who left Arthur’s chambers with a single tear running down his cheek.

The sound of a trumpet playing a sombre tune woke King Arthur from his strange sleep. He didn’t feel refreshed at all, and there was a niggling feeling in the back of his head that he’d somehow lost a chunk of his memory, that something was missing.

I can remember waiting for Merlin to show up, so I could get ready for the ball… and now here I am. Arthur looked down at his naked body, unable to piece together how he got here. Shit. I probably drank too much at Kinsley’s damn table. If I’ve embarrassed myself again, there will be hell for Merlin to pay. It was customary for Merlin to let the king know when he’d had a bit too much ale, ever since Arthur had fallen off his chair at a banquet held by his late father.

The trumpet grew louder in the courtyard below, and Arthur knew he recognised the sound from somewhere. Realisation hit him like a bolt of lightning – that’s bloody Kinsley’s call! He’s waiting for me now. SHIT.

Arthur jumped out of bed, the strange feeling of memory loss ironically forgotten. Where’s Merlin when you need him? Am I really expected to dress myself for a second day? I don’t even know where my own clothes are.

Giving up on the idea his servant would ever return to him, Arthur began to look for his clothes. After a quick scramble he had managed to find everything except for his underwear. I can hardly go to court without that, imagine if someone found out. I’d be a laughing stock. A hard knock on the door disturbed him from the search, as he was bent over looking under his bed for a secret storage compartment.

“One second, I’m just -”

Gwaine, never one for listening or waiting, pushed open the door and was greeted with the Arthur’s arse stretched open.

“Now sire, are you trying to tempt me? Think of the scandal if the court found out!” Gwaine and Arthur had become very close friends on expeditions, both saving each other’s life numerous times. There was a bond between them that mean no topic was out of bounds, no joke to far, no situation uncomfortable. Still, Gwaine’s appearance surprised the king, who jumped up and turned a shade of bright red.

“For the love of… Gwaine, haven’t you heard of waiting? I am the king, after all. Some respect wouldn’t go a miss.”

“If I remember correctly, you never used to allow the scullery maids a chance to ready themselves before you, ahem, barged in, so why should I extend to you the same courtesy?”

“Any more of that cheek, Sir Gwaine, and you’ll be locked in the tower for a week.”

“Rather the tower than that tower you’ve got yourself there.” Gwaine shot back, openly laughing at the King.

Arthur looked down and saw his erection, once again turning red and quickly covering up his crotch. “Well…” he mumbled, unable to think of a witty comeback, then he remembered a camping trip a few years ago. “That’s not what you said when we were on that expedition to Mercia, if I remember correctly.”

“I was very drunk then, it’s not my fault you look so womanly after a few drinks. It’s probably your blonde hair and bright red lips that gives you such a strong resemblance to a tavern whore.” Arthur knew Gwaine’s stronger language meant he had hit a nerve with that comment, but he couldn’t lose out to his knight – he was the King, after all.

“Sir Gwaine, I’d be very careful if I were you. You know my word is law in Camelot, and you have to do whatever I say, under pain of death. Don’t push me.” Arthur used his most annoying, patronising statesman voice, a particular favourite when he wanted to humiliate an overzealous lord without actually giving them any overt reason to rebel. From Gwaine’s face, he knew it had the desired effect. The question was, would Gwaine give in?

“With all due respect, my Lord, fuck you.”

Well, Arthur thought, that’s unforgivable. “My father had had men killed for less, Sir Gwaine. But don’t worry, all I require you do is kneel.” Gwaine’s confused face gave Arthur a powerful feeling. Gwaine had realised he may have gone too far, and even his considerable pride wouldn’t allow him to disobey the King. Gwaine knelt, realising he was now looking directly to Arthur’s erection, which still seemed rock hard. He noticed it was glistening slightly, and it was then he realised that this wasn’t just morning wood, but that Arthur was actually aroused.

Arthur began to walk towards Gwaine, taking slow, deliberate steps. “You swore an oath to me, Sir Gwaine, to protect this land and do as is requested by the king. Do you remember?” Now, the head of Arthur’s penis was mere centimetres away from the knight’s face.

Gwaine mumbled something inaudible, cursing himself for allowing his tongue to run away like that. The King is a man of his word. He doesn’t make idle promises… or threats.

“Now Gwaine, you’re going to have to speak up.” Arthur said, his patronising tone hiding the delight he felt from seeing his star knight in this position.

Well, if I’m going to have to do this, I may as well make it worth it. “Why, sire? Are you deaf?” Gwaine replied, once again laughing openly to annoy the King.

Always pushing it. Arthur laughed to himself. “Oh Gwaine, you just don’t learn, do you?” Arthur said, as he moved his hips just to point to the side of the kneeling knight’s head, then swung them towards the knight. The result was to move his cock across Gwaine’s face making a loud slapping sound. “Now… Do you remember your oath?”

There was a strong silence as Gwaine considered his options. Finally, he replied. “Yes, my Lord.”

“Excellent. Well, now your King demands that you open your mouth… for your country.” Arthur’s lips broke into a slight smile as he saw Gwaine’s internal dilemma play out on his face.

In his time as a knight, Gwaine had been involved in some… unexpected activities whilst out on a tour or a mission, but that was standard when you were a knight. Just because there wasn’t a woman about didn’t mean the men didn’t have needs. In fact, Gwaine remembered a few nights when it got so sexually charged it went beyond oral and turned into a full on orgy. But this, this was different. There was no ale, Gwaine didn’t have that need and he didn’t even have a choice. Could he really deny a direct order from the King? If everyone started disobeying the King, there’d be no law or order, no justice, no -.

“Well…?” Arthur asked, snapping Gwaine from his internal debate.

“This doesn’t seem very kingly, Arthur, forcing someone to blow you against their will just because you can. It’s an abuse of power.” Gwaine was going to try and reason his way out of this one. But if worst came to worst, he would do it. I’ve sucked a few dicks before and I reckon as far as cocks go, Arthur’s is probably one of the best... still, the situation isn’t ideal.

“Ha, are you trying to talk me out of it? Gwaine, my friend, you were never one for words. But since you asked, think of this like war. Yes, you can pretend there are rules that we should follow, but when push comes to shove you do what you can to get what you want. In this case, I have the power and I want you to suck my dick as punishment for your rudeness. It might not be the morally right thing to do, but morals have nothing over force.” Arthur let out a small laugh, enjoying the scenario he had found himself in. In one last dramatic flourish, he finished his speech.

“There is no right or wrong, there is only power.” After this, Gwaine will never have the upper hand. Arthur didn’t really want Gwaine humiliated him for any sexual gratification, but rather to show that he was the winner in their little game.

“Fine.” There was a hint of begrudging respect in Gwaine’s eyes as he looked up at his naked King. Standing there, with nothing to hide behind, the knight understood that the King really did mean what he said. He would fight to keep Camelot safe by whatever means, moral or not, and perhaps that’s why under his reign there has been consistent peace. Either way, he couldn’t see a way out of his current predicament.

“Open wide, Sir Gwaine. If you’re really really good, I won’t make you do this again.” Arthur said, as he grabbed the back of Gwaine’s head and pushed it towards his erect cock. A wave of pleasure hit the king as Gwaine’s mouth enveloped his head then shaft, with both hands gripping Arthur’s arse. Looking down at this man pleasuring him, Arthur’s strange niggling feeling returned.

It’s like there’s something on the tip of my memory, like I’ve remembered I’ve forgotten something. Mentally pushing his thoughts aside, Arthur began to thrust deeply into Gwaine’s mouth, as the knight gripped the King’s arse tighter, his nails digging into the soft flesh. Gwaine took control and began to push Arthur’s cock in faster and deeper than Arthur himself had, and used his tongue to send a bolt of ecstasy through the king with every thrust by roughly licking the base of the head.

Arthur let out a deep moan of satisfaction, which gave Gwaine the courage to take the situation further. He slowly began to prise open Arthur’s cheeks and boldly began to rub his hole with his two index fingers. Arthur felt incredibly powerful as he stood there, tall, golden and naked with his kneeling dark knight fully clothed, simultaneously sucking and fingering him. He closed his eyes to fully appreciate the pleasure, as Gwaine’s two fingers entered him. As the pleasure swept through him, Arthur’s mind vividly cut to the image of Merlin doing exactly the same action as Gwaine. It felt familiar, like a memory rather than imagination. It felt…

Arthur cried out as Gwaine inserted a further two fingers and began to go deeper within the King. Intense arousal shot through the king, his cock feeling rock hard and ready to burst. Looking down at Gwaine, he realised that the knight really was trying his best to please him. This was –

“It’s my turn to be served, sire. Undress me.”

Now Arthur was hearing Merlin’s voice. His mind felt like he was grasping at memories that crumbled when he finally remembered them. Gwaine noticed the king’s change in attitude, and freed his mouth.

“Is everything ok, my Lord?”

“Yes, Sir Gwaine. Continue.”

Gwaine went back to his task with renewed vigour, leaving two fingers in Arthur’s hole whilst using the now free hand to stroke King Arthur’s shaft as his mouth pleasured the head. This new combination stole Arthur from his thoughts of Merlin and the strange non-memories, diverting his focus to the magic Gwaine was weaving. Arthur could feel his orgasm grow closer and closer as Gwaine’s hand gripped the base of Arthur’s cock, pulling his foreskin back fully and exposing the sensitive area under his head to the work of the knight’s tongue.

“I’m close.” Arthur cried, feeling as if he’d said that before. He was on the tip of orgasm as an avalanche of memories hit him.

Merlin with a potion. Forcing Arthur to satisfy him. No control over his own body. Merlin riding the King to orgasm. The wizard asleep in his arms. Powerless and powerful.

“MERLIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNN!” Arthur’s orgasm, spurred on by the memories of his servant, hit him hard as his arse took the full length of two fingers. Grabbing onto Gwaine’s hair for support, Arthur shot his load in Gwaine’s mouth, who swallowed it eagerly. Arthur’s body twitched and he felt dizzy from the force.

“Merlin?” Gwaine asked, outwardly jokingly but failing to hide the hurt in his voice. Never, the knight thought, has anyone said someone else’s name when I make them cum – not a wench, not Lancelot, not even Uther.

“Get the royal guard and then head to Gaius’s quarter. Wait for me there.” Arthur commanded, no room in his words for a joke. He remembered everything Merlin did to him and without a trace of recognition of the irony or hypocrisy of his feelings, the king was furious. Who was Merlin to force him to do that, drugged and humiliated? How long had be kept the secret of his magic for? The idea that Merlin would know something about Arthur that even he didn’t know infuriated him.

“And what about Kinsley? I came up here to let you know he’s waiting.”

“Well, the bastard will have to wait a little bit longer. I gave you a command Gwaine, go!” At that, Gwaine walked out the room with a purpose that failed to hide his confusion and humiliation, as the king finished dressing. Without underwear – Merlin has a lot to answer for.

King Arthur marched out of his chambers to arrest his servant.

Merlin took a long walk before returning to Gaius, reliving the previous night in his head then asking himself the same questions he’d answered numerous times in the last few months.

I’ll have to leave Camelot. He vowed to himself. I can’t stay here, with him. Merlin was furious with himself. That was meant to be a treat, harmless fun. Now look at me, leaving my home because I’m in love with King Arthur of Camelot.

Arriving at the entrance to Gaius’s chamber, Merlin took a moment to compose himself. He wiped a new tear from his cheek, sorted his hair out and readied his story. Opening the door quietly, he could hear Gaius, busy at work. Probably doing my work too, Merlin realised with another pang of guilt.

“Sorry I’ve -” Merlin started, but was instantly cut off by Gaius.

“No time Merlin, no time. I’ve got a list of things for you to do. First, Lord Sesic needs his tonic for the warts, they’ve come back stronger. Then I need you to…”

Merlin was glad for the long list of distractions, anything to take his mind away from his earlier realisation and the dull throbbing pain that his situation caused him.

“Finally,” Gaius continued, “I need you to replace the tuft of knotwood strapped under Arthur’s bed. Altogether, that should only take a few hours.”

“Ok.” Merlin replied, dully. Then his mind sprung to life as Gaius’s words hit him.

Knotwood? Shit.

“How much knotwood?” Merlin asked, masking the urgency in his voice.

“Quite a large tuft, the king was concerned that someone could harm him with a potion after the Sir Powell incident, so I gave him the largest amount I could find.” Gaius replied, ignorant of the repercussions of his actions.

“How long had it been there for?”

“No more than two weeks, but the king wanted -”

Merlin had stopped listening. Two week old knotwood would still nullify all but the strongest potions, and mine wasn’t that strong.

“Merlin, you’re pacing. Is something wrong?” The concern in Gaius’s voice did nothing to dampen his worry.

“No, I’m fine. Ha, it’s nothing, don’t worry.” The less Gaius knows, the better for him.

“Oh, the royal guard is on the move.” The physician noted as he walked past the window. “That Kinsley’s probably staring up trouble, I told Arthur he’s bad but did he listen? No. Does he ever? I remember his father -”

Panic struck Merlin, drying his mouth and making his hands shake. He had to get away before he was caught and almost certainly killed on the spot. A wizard using his powers to defile the king. I’m a dead man walking. Collecting his wits, he took a deep breath and turned to his old friend and mentor.

“Gaius, I have to go. I don’t want you to get hurt, so trust me – I was never here. I never came back. You’ve not seen me for at least a day. Swear it, you’ve never seen me.”

“But Merlin, what’s -”

“Swear it!” Merlin screamed, a mix of self-preservation and worry for Gaius rising within his mind.

“I swear, Merlin, of course. But I-” Gaius looked terrified and confused. What has he done now? What if he’s bitten of more than he could chew, what if this is the first, and the last, time I won’t be able to help him.

“Goodbye, Gaius, and thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” Merlin was openly weeping now, as he ran through the door and down the corridor. Turning left at the first chance, Merlin almost ran directly into Sir Gwaine. Just like Gaius, he looked scared and confused.

“Merlin, King Arthur has requested-”

Merlin’s magic threw Gwaine to the side of the corridor, giving the wizard a brief window of time to escape. After six years of keeping his magic quiet, the ability to use it freely was strangely relieving.

Shame about the circumstances, he said to himself. Such a cruel trade off. I bought my freedom by becoming a fugitive.

Jumping over Gwaine’s body Merlin felt a twinge of guilt as he ran away from his injured friend. If he could just make it out of the castle, he’d have a chance of escaping Camelot altogether. Each step was a risk, but eventually the wizard made it to the final corridor. Turning the last corner, he bumped into an iron clad man. Merlin felt something hard hit him hard in the stomach, knocking him to the floor.

“I think we need to have a little chat.” Arthur whispered into the wizard’s ear, before he lost consciousness.

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