Better Best Forgotten? – Chapter 01

Characters: Merlin/Arthur.

After six years of serving King Arthur, Merlin decides that he should be the one to be served, if only for a night.

Merlin should have expected the shoe to hit him as soon as he walked through the door. Arthur was angry enough when Merlin was five minutes late, but to have been missing for a whole day was inexcusable.

“Merlin, where the hell have you been?” The golden-haired King yelled at his servant, his face red with rage as he rose from his chair and strode towards him. “I am King of Camelot, I expect my servant to be by my side at all times. Do you understand?”

Merlin mumbled something by way of an apology, but Arthur was mid-rant now, pacing in front of his servant, dangerously close.

“I had to do my own armour, run my own bath, and ask Gwen to fetch me my food! I couldn’t ask for another page because I’d lost mine – I’d be a laughing stock! How would I be expected to control an army when I can’t even control my own servant? The Queen of Camelot fetching food like a common scullery maid… You’ve gone too far this time Merlin. How am I meant to cope for two days without my manservant?”

Merlin perked up, as he always did when he spotted an opportunity to prove Arthur wrong.

“Two days? I was only gone for one, sire.” He said, calmly, wondering as the words left his mouth whether his quip was worth it.

“That’s because you’ll be spending tomorrow in the stocks, Merlin.” Arthur shouted. Then, with a slight smile on his face, he continued, “that’s after you do all the chores you missed today.”

Damn it, Merlin thought, although, there was nothing I could have done to avoid that.

“But pray tell Merlin, what was so important that you had to abandon your King for a whole day? Did the tavern have a special offer on? Free drinks for clot heads?” Arthur’s rage had seemed to fade now, replaced with a seething anger and that sarcastic smirk that Merlin found so attractive.

“No, my Grace. I couldn’t tell you what I was doing anyway. I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested, you’d mock me for a while, and then I’d be sent to do your chores. So let’s cut out the middle bit.” Merlin’s heart began to beat. It was all part of the plan, he’d done everything he was supposed to, but it was only now he’d realised the enormity of the risk he was about to take, the danger that faced him should he fail.

“Oh, am I, your King, not worthy enough to hear how you spend your day? Or is it that I wouldn’t be intelligent enough to understand? Do you think I’m an idiot, Merlin?”

The temptation to reply with a simple ‘yes’ was almost too much for Merlin to resist, but somehow he managed to beat that particular desire down.

“No sire, of course not.”

“Then where were you?”

“Nowhere sire, I was just helping Gaius with some chores. I’d forgotten that you required my service today, and -.”

“ – YOU HAD FORGOTTEN?” Arthur shouted, lifting Merlin and pinning him against the wall. Merlin, although shorter than Arthur, was now at eye level with the King. He could feel his semi-erection begin to grow stiffer, he could feel the blood begin to pump and desire grip him.

It’s only a matter of seconds before he’ll be able to feel it pressing against his stomach Merlin realised with horror. He had to change the topic of conversation, and quickly.

“But I remembered that you were hosting the ball for Lord Kinsley, and I came as quickly as I could.” Merlin said, his words nothing really more than a rapid stream of noises. Somehow, luckily, Arthur managed to understand what he meant, as he dropped his servant just in time.

“The ball! Yes, no time for delay. Kinsley doesn’t like me at the best of times, we can’t keep him waiting or the bastard will probably rebel. Quickly, Merlin, undress me.”

As always, Merlin’s heart began to pound at that command. Yes, undressing Arthur was a perk of the job, but his luck was often eclipsed by his nervousness – surely Arthur could hear his heart beating rapidly, or see the new bulge in Merlin’s trousers? Still, I’ve not been caught out so far, and it’ll hardly matter tonight.

Merlin set to his task as he always did, slowly but eagerly. His hands made quick work of the outer coat Arthur wore in the winter, and the reinforced leather jacket that he’d taken to wearing since the attempt on his life a few weeks ago. Now, the King was left in his light woven shirt, his trousers and shoes. Merlin knelt down and untied the King’s laces, gripping Arthur’s calf as he gently pulled the shoes off. Standing up, Merlin lifted the shirt over the King’s head, revealing a set of defined abs followed by two perfect pecs, all retaining a golden tan from the unusually hot summer. Merlin’s cock was throbbing harder than his heart now, and he had to use the shirt he was folded to hide his bugle, as he snook furtive looks at the perfect man before him.

He really doesn’t know how he makes me feel, does he? He really doesn’t know that I’ve spent every night in the past 6 years of serving him wanking myself silly over his muscular body, his beautiful arse and his perfect face. He doesn’t know how long I’ve waited just to kiss him, to taste him, to have him in me. Merlin’s distraction at his own train of thought had not gone unnoticed.

“Merlin, don’t just stand there. I’m not ready yet!”

“Can’t you undress yourself, sire?” Merlin replied, hoping the sarcasm would distract Arthur from the fact he had been staring at him.

“Undress myself?!” Arthur yelled, “Everything I’ve done today has been by myself, remember? Consider this part of your punishment. Now hurry up, I do not want to be late.”

Merlin thought it was best not to push Arthur further – anyway, delaying now only delayed the plan, which Merlin was more than eager to set in motion. He stepped behind Arthur, as he always did, and reached around to unfasten the buckle of the trousers. He dropped the trousers to the floor to allow Arthur to step out, and then turned to place them in his laundry basket. The image of Arthur’s arse as he stepped out of the pants would have been the material he used for his wank tonight, if this was any other day.

“Merlin!” The wizard’s first thought was the Arthur had somehow managed to read his mind, that he knew how he felt about his King and what he had in store for him later. “I still have my socks on.” Merlin sighed with relief as he turned to face the King.

“Are you serious? You can’t take your own socks off?” Merlin asked, hoping the answer was ‘no’.

“No.” Arthur replied. “Punishment, remember? Socks.”

Merlin stood face to face with Arthur, then after a beat that seemed like an eternity, slowly knelt down. Repeating his action with the shoes he grasped Arthur’s right calf with his left hand, and lightly lifted his leg. He was suddenly aware that his head was on level with Arthur’s crotch. He could smell the mixture of sweat and ‘Arthur’, powerful and arousing, making his body yearn for more. He realised he could see the outline of Arthur’s penis though his underwear.

Either he’s half erect now, or the Queen’s a lucky girl.

Merlin longed to just move the inch forward and envelop the King’s penis in his mouth, taste Arthur’s skin and sweat, to make the King moan with pleasure and beg for more, to make him scream Merlin’s name at the top of his lungs as he released his load. Instead, he took off his sock.

Merlin didn’t bother to even hide the fact he was staring at the royal bulge as he swapped over legs. He could feel his breathing getting heavier and his own pre-cum start to rub against his pants. Soon there will be a damp patch and the secret will be out, not that it matters. After removing the second sock, Merlin stood back and looked at the King. All that stood between Arthur and nudity was a tight pair of white boxers, the top of which hugged his abs almost as tightly as they hugged his muscular legs. In between, the bulge Merlin noticed earlier seemed to be bigger from a distance. It’s time. I want him.

“Merlin, get my robes for the ball. I think I’ll wear the purple ones -”

“No.” Merlin replied, the earlier calmness now returned. The plan would work… it’d have to. Otherwise, Merlin would be dead come tomorrow. Simple.

“No? Who do you –”

For once, Merlin made Arthur shut up. All it took was a raise of his hand. In it was the potion Merlin had spent all day brewing, all week planning and all month thinking about.

“No. Arthur, you’re perfect. You’re fucking perfect. I look at you standing there and I just want you. I want you to be kissing me, sucking me, fucking me. I want you to be running your hands over my body and saying that you love me. I want you to be kissing my ear, feeling my arse, licking my balls. I want to feel your skin on mine, our dicks pressed against our bodies, our sweat mixing. I know you’ll never want me like I want you, you’d never choose me like I’ve chosen you. So, after these six years where you’ve teased me, abused me, demanded from me more than you’ve demanded from anyone else, I’m taking one night to myself. Tonight, you’re mine Arthur – and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Merlin’s eyes shone that bight golden colour that gave away his magical secret. Arthur let out a yelp as he felt himself lose control of his body. Every action he made now was because Merlin let him – for the first time in his life he was restricted. No king should have to be tied up, regardless of whether the chains were visible or not. Arthur felt his body walk over to Merlin, who suddenly looked so different now – he seemed taller, wiser, darker. He seemed to be filled with power, real power, no longer a servant but a man equal to knights and kings and gods. Arthur felt his hands reach up and cup Merlin’s face, the soft skin cold to his touch, and then his head slowly moved forward until their lips brushed. Then it was Arthur who pushed himself against the wizard, his mind crying out to stop, fighting to regain control of his own body. The two kissed like ferocious lovers who would never see one another again, Merlin’s hands running over Arthur’s toned body, the left hand settling on his arse, slipping under the underwear and the right hand in his hair, pushing the King’s head towards his own. When finally Merlin needed to breathe, he made Arthur step back.

“How long?” Arthur asked, momentarily breaking Merlin’s spell. His anger had changed to bemusement. Perhaps this was all a dream, he’d wake up in an hour and find himself late for the ball, with Merlin still in the tavern.

“All six years.” Merlin replied. Arthur said nothing else, but gave a small nod – a nod that almost said ‘I understand’.

Merlin fell to his knees, once again face to face with Arthur’s bulge. With no hesitation, he pulled down the boxers and saw that the Queen was indeed a very lucky woman. Opening his mouth, Merlin took it all in. He sucked and kissed Arthur’s balls before lightly licking the penis, whilst running his hands up and down the King’s legs, like a prisoner behind bars. Pausing for a few seconds Merlin felt Arthur’s cock harden, reacting to the touch of Merlin’s tongue, until it could be felt pushing up on his chin.

Merlin took it all in his mouth, in one moment working the head with his tongue, the next forcing his mouth to cover the base – no mean feat with a cock as big as Arthur’s – and he loved every minute. Suddenly, he could taste Arthur’s pre-cum, the taste sending surges of lust through the wizard’s body. Almost in response to this, Merlin’s hands move up to the King’s muscular, rounded arse as Arthur put his hands behind his head and began to lightly thrust into Merlin’s mouth. Prising the cheeks apart, Merlin’s middle finger began to play with the hole, inserting it slightly as Merlin took his length fully into his mouth.

Arthur let out a quiet moan and threw his head backwards. I didn’t make him do that, Merlin thought with a smile. He never thought he’d be so good at this.

Merlin released Arthur’s cock from his mouth and stood up. The King’s breathing had become slightly heavier, outlining his muscular body with every breath. His long member was erect, a smooth shaft followed by a large head dripping with a mixture of pre-cum and Merlin’s sweat.

“It’s my turn to be served, sire. Undress me.” Merlin said, in a voice so commanding it surprised even himself. Arthur’s eyes widened slightly too, unnoticeable to anyone else, but Merlin could feel that slight resistance to his magic. “What? Did you think I just wanted to blow you? No Arthur, not at all.”

Arthur walked slowly towards Merlin, his erection remaining firm. He repeated the process that Merlin had followed earlier – removing his servant’s outer coat first. Merlin couldn’t wait any longer, and he kicked off his own shoes. Silently forcing Arthur to go faster, the King ripped open Merlin’s shirt, revealing a toned, smooth body Arthur didn’t expect, especially from the glimpse he’d caught a few years ago whilst camping. Obviously Merlin had been hard at work. Kneeling down, Arthur also ripped open Merlin’s pants to see another surprise – Merlin had no underwear on. Instead out sprang Merlin’s cock, not as thick as Arthur’s but just as long and gleaming with his own pre-cum. Arthur took the full shaft into his mouth, making Merlin cry out with pleasure. Feeling Arthur’s warm mouth envelop his shaft was more arousing than anything he had ever imagined, topped off by the sensation of the King’s right hand playing with his balls, the other reaching up and playing with Merlin’s nipple, brought the wizard dangerously close to cumming. He pushed Arthur off when he could bear no more, catching the King off guard and sending him sprawling onto the floor. Lying on his back on the stone floor with his legs spread, Merlin let out a low chuckle.

“We’ll follow the general pattern of the evening I think – first you, then me. I just want you to know now that the reason I skipped today was to brew a memory potion, to ensure you won’t remember a thing, Arthur. Although, if you aren’t enjoying yourself and you want something to distract you during the next hour or so, think about this – has something really happened if we don’t remember it? Will you still have made me cum if you don’t ever remember it?”

Merlin stepped towards Arthur, enjoying the shift in the power dynamic that had occurred. Now, a lowly servant was standing above the King of Camelot, watching as he was powerless to move or resist a command. The power was like an aphrodisiac to Merlin, and he was ready to have the King inside him. Stepping over him, he slowly lowered himself down until the tip of Arthur’s penis touched Merlin’s hole. Circling his hips to rub the King’s pre-cum around the hole, he pushed down slightly and enveloped the King’s head. He let out a loud cry, a mixture of pain and sheer pleasure, and then pushed further down taking the whole of his length.

“Thrust.” Merlin said, with a note of begging in his voice. Arthur started slowly, although Merlin hadn’t specified how fast to go. Even now, he still doesn’t want to hurt me. Merlin lent back and let Arthur do the work, enjoying the intense pleasure. His cock had never been so hard nor felt so close to bursting, and Merlin moved his knees outwards to stretch his cock further. He felt like he didn’t need to wank to cum, if Arthur kept up his rhythm. His cries of pleasure grew louder and louder and even Arthur began letting out low murmurs of pleasure. Merlin could hear his King’s arse slap the stone floor with vigour, and thought of the pain that must be causing him. He willed Arthur to change position, and in one swift move showing the power of his body Arthur had picked up Merlin, whilst remaining inside him. He then took two powerful steps backwards and fell onto the bed, with Merlin on top again. Resuming their old position, Merlin arched his back and moved his hand towards his own penis, but Arthur’s moved quicker. Resigning himself to his fate, Merlin grabbed onto the posters of the bed, opening his body up to his King. Suddenly thrusting furiously, the intense pleasure was doubled as Arthur began to wank Merlin off. Merlin was in ecstasy, sweat dripping off his body and mingling with Arthur’s. Every movement brought Merlin closer to release, the pressure of his orgasm building up within him waiting to explode.

No, it can’t be over this quick. Merlin thought, desperately trying to stick to the plan. This was my once chance, I can’t blow it by blowing now.

“Merlin…” Arthur moaned, his voice building to an ecstatic cry. “I’m close. Oh Merlin!”

Hearing Arthur scream his name was too much for Merlin to bear. He began to move his hips in time with Arthur, willing him to wank his off faster as the need for release built up. Merlin could feel the oncoming pleasure, his toes curling in anticipation.

“Say my name!” Merlin cried.

“MERLIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNN!” Arthur roared, his hips arching, sending his cock deep into Merlin’s arse, simultaneously blowing his heavy load and hitting Merlin’s prostate, sending a wave of pleasure throughout the wizard that was too much for him to bear. Merlin felt himself lose control of his body as waves of orgasm swept through him, his load shooting out over Arthur’s chest and face, more than he’d ever shot before. He felt his feet and fingers twitch in response to the pleasure, his toes curling against his will. Arthur pulled himself out of his servant, whilst still lightly wanking Merlin’s now-tender penis, each pull sending pleasure through Merlin’s body and draining the last drops of semen.

Merlin was in heaven. He wasn’t prepared for how good Arthur would feel inside of him, how perfect he would look now, covered in his load, both hands behind his head. Merlin wasn’t sure if he had willed Arthur into that position. I couldn’t imagine anything this beautiful. He moved himself down to Arthur’s side, resting his head on his King’s shoulder. Arthur’s arm came down around him and his face drew closer, until they were kissing with such a longing and passion Merlin could scarcely believe. I don’t care if this isn’t real, it’s the closest I’ve ever get. I don’t regret it for a second.

In his fantasies Merlin had always stopped once he’d blown, once the animalistic sex was over. Now he realised it wasn’t the sex he really wanted, it was Arthur – he suddenly didn’t want Arthur to forget. He didn’t want what happened to become any less real.

“The ball.” Arthur’s voice cut through his thoughts as sharply as his sword cut through men. “We’re already late.”

“I already told the Queen you’d cancelled the ball, that you were ill with something contagious and couldn’t attend. I’ve had this planned for a long time.”

“But, Lord –“ Arthur’s voice protested aggressively, whilst his body stayed in a relaxed embrace with Merlin, with the larger man spooning his servant and kissing his neck.

“Sleep, my King. When you wake, none of this will have happened, you won’t remember a thing.” Merlin said, hoping his tone hid the fact that tears were beginning to run down his face.

Merlin would leave the bed in the early morning, clean up the King and administer the potion. Until then, his spell would hold and keep the two in a close embrace. Tomorrow, the wizard thought, Arthur can deal with the political fallout, and I’ll go back to being his servant, not his lover. Yes, tomorrow Arthur’s body would be Arthur’s, but tonight it was just for Merlin.

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